you want to
Click on the button "Adopt' on the very bottom of this site, ONLY if you agree with all of the following statements.
By adopting an animal,
I fully understand that it will be present during the next at least 10 YEARS of my life. So, in case I will need to move to another city or country, I will be making the proper arrangements to take the animal with me wherever I go. In case of business trips or holidays, I will make the proper arrangements so while I am away, the animal is safe and taken care of.
I can afford and have the time to take the animal to the VET as many times as needed. Also, I understand that the animal has to be STERILISED, in case I cannot keep the kittens on my own forever.

We will be publishing a post this week illustrating the urgency of sterilizing your pet.
I will PREPARE MY PLACE ACCORDINGLY before the animal's arrival. I will put protective nets on the windows, close any dangerous holes. I will eliminate any risk that might occur for the animal to accidentally get out of the house/ apartment and get lost. I will get informed by my neighbourhood pet shop owner, a vet or any other pet expert on how to treat the animal.
The decision of adopting the animal has been made after careful consideration and has been discussed thoroughly WITH ALL THE PEOPLE that are and/ or can be AFFECTED by this decision.
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