Hello! My name is L. I am the founder of this project, namely 'Foster' and the project 'Veggie', vegan food delivery in Almaty (www.veggie.kz).

Foster is a shelter for homeless animals I would find in critical condition and have been saving over the last seven years in Astana and Almaty. To these days I had been able to cover the expenses of this shelter by myself. Unfortunately, I've reached my financial limits. To continue this project, I need support.

With 'Foster', I aim at
1. securing stable financial support for the existing and the newly saved animals;
2. organizing my efforts by involving responsible volunteers and hiring permanent staff, so the project can continue even if something happens to me;
3. raising sensitivity toward animals in Kazakhstan.

My mission is to minimize as more as porssible the preventable harm caused by humans toward animals. I believe that with your support we can make Foster an organized and transparent shelter that can really make an impact!
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